Interior Lucky charm Rake with Daruma Lucky charm Rake 20001-tosen

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``Winning Rake for Guaranteed Victory - Super Extra Large'' is a special rake with a Daruma doll attached to the lucky charm rake. It is made from the Daruma doll, which is a lucky charm in traditional Japanese culture and is popular for its ability to stand up. This rake is specially designed as a lucky charm to bring good luck and success. It is decorated with symbols of good fortune, such as golden Daruma dolls, dragons and pine trees made using the traditional Japanese technique of Mizuhiki, and flowers. It has an impressive size of approximately 67cm in width x 115cm in height, making it perfect for your home decor or as a special gift. This rake symbolizes the wish to "win the battle." It's a great way to experience Japanese culture and bring its spirit into your home.


Category Interior, Interior, Interior
Model Lucky charm rake
Full length115cm

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